The Trio’s Trip To Lake Sebu

Me, Oniel and Shiela, went backpacking last April 2017 to Lake Sebu a small municipality located in South Cotabato: I’ll skip the itinerary or the how to get there you can really find tons of backpacking sites in the web. It was just Me and my Nigga and our Maiden who ventured out.

First of all Lake Sebu is a municipality, its main tourist attraction is the Seven Falls and the Lake Sebu Itself… and yeah the Tilapia fish; but it still hide treasures not popular to travelers.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sky and outdoor
That’s Me in blue, Shiela and O’niel
The view of the Lake Sebu in the Municipality Tourism Building, the building serves as a house for travelers and alike, It’s a dorm type. it is really cheap – like 60 Php per Night but you need to follow their rules and regulations.
Lotus grows abundantly in the lake
Tourist can go boating in the lake, really awesome


Lake Sebu is famous for its Tilapia Fish! (that’s not the Tilapia though)

Heyyy there wazzzup
Lotus flower 🙂

After the boating trip we went to T’daan Kini Spring.

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
Its a 1 hour ride or more from the center of the municipality plus some small treks. but It’s really awesome once you get to the Spring.
my friends enjoying the coolness of the spring, cool water for cool people. HAH!
really stunning.
what ever happened to us?


after the T’daan Kini Spring we went to the Seven Falls, well.. it was the next morning cause we arrived at the Inn like 4:00 PM, so we did not push for the seven falls or the Zip line.


16938689_1624216300927232_2673017456177927057_n (1)
One of the Seven Falls



breath taking view
the second falls, look this falls has names on them and I swear I wrote them somewhere, look it up on google.
Stone Layers exposed, this part of the falls gives a watery gust of wind coming from the falls.
My Good Friends Beng Beng and Nigga. good friends are hard to come by these days.

well that is basically my trip to Lake Sebu, it’s a late upload I know, and the me blogging it is so cliche. but it’s worth the time sharing.

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