So They Say

How much struggle does man need to take in, and the pain to feel to make him throw out his sanity; how much length of road does a man need to take up, not knowing if he is on the right way.

I saw a man today, walking in the heat of the burning sun; carrying his empty plastic basket to compensate his empty face.

I was walking along this stranger; but just walking beside him made me feel how heavy the burden the world made him carry. Did he brought this upon himself? or did the dagger of destiny already carve his name in the pillars, of all the living and the damned?; for that, I really don’t know.

He reeks of dried sweat and the heat of the sun has already darken his flesh making him the person whom I’m walking with today. the garments he wear serves as a symbol of his hard endeavor; as his dirt covered foot take every step in the pavement of the burning noon, train of thoughts and unfamiliar ideas came in crashing in my mind about life.

As we reach the road’s intersection we parted ways, he went ahead crossing the lonely street and I stopped and stood there watching him while I was waiting for my ride, a famous thought came to my mind and told me that “everybody has burden to carry and has their own fill of emptiness“; so they say.

I guess its just your choice to get up and move along.

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