Invitations: Alorro Beach Partey!


It’s been a while since I last traveled with a group of people, and this time though  I’m with my coworkers. It was Tiffany’s (My Team Supervisor) post birthday celebration and we decided to go Kaputian Samal Island, Its not my first time in Kaputian nut its was my first time in Alorro Beach, truly one of the best place to unwind and forget about work.

Its a One hour ferry trip from Magsaysay Wharf to Kaputian Port, and a 45 minute Motorcycle ride to San Remigio, there are a lot of blog post about Alorro Beach so I wont be posting to much detail on how to get there (you can find a lot detailed post on the web) but that’s basically it.

The waters cool and blue it complements the white sand and the sea breeze that blows in your face!! :D.



The place is amazing you can go here alone or with a group.16105536_1544628255566921_4950611905815183648_n

It was fun spending time with my office mates though they are now basically my friends, its one of the rare moments when you get to know people outside of your work area, reinforcing your relationship and connection especially when you get back in the work place, some kind of hmmm… Team building I guesss? – yeah… thats it.

Well maybe what i’m trying to say is that its not everyday people invite you to be in their company, in the golden age of technology and social media, loneliness and isolation is still a issue, it may not be visible in our naked eye but it is happening now in our society.



so yeah its a awesome feeling if someone invites you a party or even a simple gathering, but I’m not saying to say yes all the time or dive right away whenever a invitation is given. It still goes done to what kind of company or activities you enjoy, it can be yourself, your relatives, friends, and etc… (or any other circumstances that you can consider).

K vyeeeee!!!








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