A Trip To Lake Holon

Last August we traveled to Lake Holon at Mt. Parker in T’boli , It was just Me and Emily, I decided to go to the famous lake since its just in Mindanao and a lot people especially backpackers claim its a good choice for people who wants to try mountain climbing and trekking.

Emily taking short break after we got out the forest

Located in South Cotabato, it is one of the province’s attraction though it is one of the most visited tourist spots in the area aside from Lake Sebu, the local government here is doing a great job preserving the biodiversity, with the strict implementations of laws that help protect the flora and fauna while local making the locals benefit from the livelihood that mountain and lake provide.

The lake is just stunning(well basically the T’boli municipality is a green oriented local government, so from the moment you enter T’boli you’ll notice how clean and green the place is unlike any other municipalities here in Mindanao) , it really beautiful from the moment you step inside mountains premise it really reminds you how great nature is, and it just doubles up each time you near the main camp site.

An 8:00 morning view of the lake
“The Valley of the Gods” can be seen in the Salacafe trail
A cozy dawn

The place is a toxic reliever if you want to meditate, relax, or just plain have fun or just escape the rat race in the city. the Nature is just plain stunning.



The stunning view of Caldera
Greetings from the native before descending in the foot of the forest ! cute little angels!


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