Lost Along The Way


I lost my prized  watch last week in the apartment I’m living for five years now, I was so depressed and really upset. I looked all over the house but there’s not trace of one of my valued possession, I really loved that watch, I bought it after landing a well-paying job. the next morning we traveled to Isulan South Cotabato for our trip to Lake Holon, In one of our stops, Me and My girlfriend saw a kid with no arms and deformed legs, he was in the sitting near the waiting shed. people would pass by and give money or food, my girlfriend asked me if I have any spare change that we can give him luckily I still have a ten pesos in my coin purse, and my girl called for the kid and handed alms he looked at me and smiled. I have read similar stories like this in my life but never i have imagine that this will happen in mylife. then it hit me; it made me realize the loathing that i have been doing making things mesirable around me due to the lost of my watch, I was to attached to the material stuff,- I know, that there are material things that post importance and value in our life, especially if you work hard just to obtain it (I saved like a portion of my salary for four months just so i can buy that watch), but as the van leaves the area and I was just staring outside, staring at the kid sitting in the shed and realize how lucky I am, I sad that for all this time I have been placing too much value on material things rather that things that I should be investing like my health, relationship with the people around me and those who are not around.

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