It Doesn’t Matter…

My Parents and I were talking about our family relatives last Christmas, and we diverted in the topic on the concept success, were a drinking beer outside our house; basically I was telling stories about my life in Davao, and my mom was telling me how bad the situation of my other relative, on how good and bad their current situation is from one to the other, then my dad exclaimed and told me this, “it doesn’t matter if you’re a very intellectual person,a half-baked or in between, but if you are going to quit and jump off a window you’re the worst!” well that triggered me to think deep on what I have doing with my life; and I asked myself  did I succeed? did I fail? or to be precise did I really had plan to begin with?; and I realized I was digesting it in a different way, basically what he said is how to deal with the problems that I encounter in my life.
Some people have the bright minds granted with awards for academic achievements some are born with the capacity to work hard, trying their best at everything they do; some are born rich, maybe son or a daughter of businessmen or has hard-working parents some have all the luck and fortune in the world and on the other hand some people who have not much, some are idle or lazy and some, experiencing the worst disasters in their life; I guess what I’m trying to say here is that; even if you are the most handsome or the most not so attractive person in the world or you are the most unfortunate or luckiest, it’s the matter on how you handle your problems, on how to sail through a storm; I think this is the thought that my father wants me to digest; he was not the perfect dad but he gave me advice  that I can’t get from other people around me. I often hear older people say to their family or friends “Hey! look at Juan! his a doctor! now” or “Hey! look at Inday! she is at abroad right now!”- or even on our children “Why don’t you be like our neighbor’s son his an honor pupil” or like “don’t be like him…” – well you get the idea, my dad would say “what are you going to do with all the wealth and achievements, if a problem comes in and you go suicide?”

I think what is important is that you get through life’s ups and downs, on how you face it, being resilient at the face of life’s adversary; I know I’m not the right person to talk about this since I just started living life as an adult, I know that some of us might have experience hardships in life from the moment they were born, but I hope you get the point.




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