The Green Canopy

It was the end of work week and I have two days to spent for rest day and Emily decided to go home to her parents house at Tagluno Toril Davao City –  mostly farmland people here grow bananas,coconuts,cocoa and etc… , her family has small farm lot at the back of their house.


This place is our quick getaway from the city and since it was my day off, and we don’t have much stuff to do and Emily was craving to eat “Rambutan” ( it’s a prickly sweet fruit- it looks like Lychee only it has spikes on it.) we decided to have a quick walk at the “Tapun” – it’s the name of farm lot behind their house. Her parents grow Bananas, Coconuts, Durian, Santol and etc… (her father is good farmer grows every vegetable he can get his hands on!)

The atmosphere is humid and the path is covered with lush green vegetation, we were just walking and talking for like half an hour, I was saying to myself this is nice, its been a while since me and her talked like this, like a relaxing conversation or its like just talking to a acquaintance, most of the time due to work and my schedule (graveyard) we seldom talked like this, yes we do talk like normal conversations but its different .when you’re the city – there’s a lot of things that are inside my mind, so this are those moments that I cherish most with her; when we arrive at our destination we sat a nd rest for a while below the canopy the mild breeze was so relaxing, so after the quick break we reliazed that we forgot to bring a fruit pole- so we improvized (haha!) and after the sucessful mission we return home, I jsut realized how precious time is and its better spending it with people you love.

so calm and great
pink wildflower






red Bromeliad






Golden Orb Weaver
“Inchikoy” Orb Weaver


and finally we reach the Rambutan Tree…


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